Skilled Labor Careers

HVAC Technician

The world's medical and food industry relies on climate control technology to ensure supplies, food, and materials stay at specified temperatures as needed. These techs will install, maintain, and repair temperature systems in businesses, homes and facilities in order to preserve our life of modern convenience. They will often work on call for a specific business or by contract work, which means they will travel to various environments in order to install or repair units.

This job comes with long term job security, benefits. Many employees earn an average salary of $47,000 a year. Those who are more specialized in an area such as industrial cooling units can expect to earn more due to their expertise.

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Automotive Mechanic

Automotive mechanics repair cars or light trucks and perform basic automotive maintenance, referring to digital manuals and reference materials when needed. They use a diagnostic approach to test, locate, and repair vehicles. Automotive mechanics use power tools, engine analyzers, and other diagnostic equipment to repair and service vehicles. Most automotive mechanics work longer than a standard 40- hour work week in ventilated and well-lit repair shops. Automotive mechanics may also work in the evenings or weekends to complete automotive work.

The median hourly wages of automotive mechanics can be between $12.44 and $22.64. Though it is less common, some automotive mechanics can receive health and retirement benefits. Those with certification, skill in multiple auto repair services, and administrative ability can advance to shop supervisor or service manager. Automotive mechanics who work for automobile dealers and independent repair shops make earnings based on the completed amount of service work. Automotive mechanics with formal automotive training can expect a better job outlook than those without formal training. Automotive mechanics can expect employment opportunities based on the need to replace retired mechanics.

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Auto Body Technician

Auto body technicians perform maintenance, repair and inspection for automobiles by integrating simple repair and electronic systems to regulate auto performance. Most auto body technicians work past a 40-hour work week, performing repairs tasks in well-ventilated repair shops.

Auto body technicians can earn between $38,000 and $44,000 in annual salary, with experienced technicians employed by dealerships receiving commission based on work completion. Some employers offer health and retirement benefit packages. Job growth will be good for mechanics who receive formal training through post secondary training programs. Advancement will be more readily available to technicians with Automotive Service Excellence certification.

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General electricians are responsible for the most basic modern convenience we have in our world today. They work to install, maintain, and repair electrical equipment in just about every business or home that you come across. They can be hired by personal contractors, companies, or government jobs which means they will usually be travelling to various sites. Many times they are required to work in buildings that have not completed construction.

Electricians are expected to prepare sketches and blueprints in order to plan their layouts in a home or office before they begin work. Their knowledge of planning and understanding of state issued building codes are crucial to their work. There is always new systems and equipment to be installed so business prospects always look good. Sometimes electricians will work for a company but some also decide to go into business for themselves doing contract work. On average, their salary is around $$51,619.

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