Beyond the Classroom: Training for Skilled Labor Careers

Skilled Labor Careers offers training for aspiring HVAC technicians, automotive mechanics, auto body technicians and electrician professionals. By working side by side with a trained professional, apprentices are able to learn the skills of their trade by someone who knows best.

During an apprenticeship you will be able to earn real life experience to help you in your future.

Skilled Labor Careers:

  • HVAC technicians work with heating, cooling, ventilation and refrigeration systems to ensure proper performance and safety.
  • Automotive mechanics work to maintain and repair automobiles.
  • Auto-body technicians work to prepare automobile damage sustained from car accidents, weather and vandalism.
  • Electricians install wires and outlets that carry electricity into homes, businesses and public locations.

Only so much can be learned in the classroom. During classroom learning, or directly after, students have the opportunity for apprenticeship programs. Apprenticing teaches you the tricks of the trade that can only be learned by a trained professional on the job. You will be able to have an insider's view on your future career.

The value of an apprenticeship program is priceless. During your apprenticeship you will learn skills you will not have learned in the classroom. These are skills you will be able to use for the duration of your career.

Another great reason to complete an apprenticeship is that many employers are partial to hire those with an apprenticeship experience. Completing an apprenticeship program not only shows the employer that you are already familiar with the needed techniques, but it also highlights your work ethic.

Apprenticeships vary depending on career choice and training. Some employers require apprenticeship experience, while others do not. However it is much easier to find a position with competitive pay and benefits by completing an apprenticeship.

There are so many skills and techniques that can't be fully taught in the classroom. By taking advantage of an apprenticeship, you will be well on your way to a successful career for your future.

Our Top Skilled Labor Careers

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    HVAC Technician

    The world's medical and food industry relies on climate control technology to ensure supplies, food, and materials stay at specified temperatures as needed.

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    Automotive Mechanic

    Automotive mechanics repair cars or light trucks and perform basic automotive maintenance, referring to digital manuals and reference materials when needed.

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    Auto Body Technician

    Auto body technicians perform maintenance, repair and inspection for automobiles by integrating simple repair and electronic systems to regulate auto performance.

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    General electricians are responsible for the most basic modern convenience we have in our world today.

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