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Looking to Switch Careers? Why not Skilled Labor?

Career changes are more of a commonality than they were years ago. The U.S. Department of Labor has reported that the average person will change careers 3 to 5 times during their lifetime. The reasons for this increase is not...

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Not Just a Handyman

Many people have a certain connotation when they think of a career in the skilled labor industry. Most people think of blue-collar jobs with little education and minimal pay. However this is a common misconception. Those in the skilled labor...

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Skilled Labor Jobs in Demand

With a shaky economy and unemployment at new highs you would think that labor careers would be something that gets the harsh treatment. But there’s a definite need for workers. This is mostly due to a surprising and very obscure...

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Day in the Life: HVAC Technician

HVAC technicians install and maintain heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. Some HVAC technicians also specialize in refrigeration repair and are then called HVACR technicians.

On an average day, HVAC technicians can do a variety of different things and may...

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Trade Labor Careers Earn More Than You Think

Any career in the hard labor or skilled trade profession has the stigma of being a less-than-respectable type of job. Doing the hard physical work it takes to perform these tasks is still looked down on as requiring little training...

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Beyond the Classroom: Training for Skilled Labor Careers

Skilled Labor Careers offers training for aspiring HVAC technicians, automotive mechanics, auto body technicians and electrician professionals. By working side by side with a trained professional, apprentices are able to learn the skills of their trade by someone who knows...

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Becoming an Electrician

The construction world has many facets to its industry. Electricians have played a major part in the creation and maintenance of buildings for the past millennium and due to the world’s reliance on electrical power its importance continues to grow....

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Starting a Career as an Auto Body Technician

Auto body technicians face new challenges daily. Cars come into the shop bent out of shape, cracked, and smashed. Technicians have the rewarding responsibility of mending and rebuilding these cars into safe, functional machines.

Auto body technician jobs are in...

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Starting Your Auto Mechanic Career

When you think of an auto mechanic you probably think of a man dressed in a blue jump suit with black grease all over his hands. While the job does require you to get your hands dirty, technology is...

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Becoming HVAC Certified

How do you become HVAC certified? It is a process. It takes time, money, and hard work. But being certified will make you stand out to employers and clients. Follow this blueprint and become HVAC certified.

Heating, Ventilation, air-conditioning technicians...

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